Kenton Helgesen joined 104 other draft-eligible players from North America and Europe for the physical, mental and medical evaluations at the 2012 NHL Scouting Combine, which ran from May 28 to June 2 in Toronto. The combine provided the opportunity for prospects to be interviewed by NHL clubs over a four-day period.

1.     What were some of the highlights from the Scouting Combine that you attended in Toronto?

(KH) Getting to experience Toronto for the first time was great, just experiencing the interview processes and meeting new guys was sweet.

2.     You ranked in the top 10 in a few fitness categories. Can you describe the format of the fitness testing and which categories you felt strong in? Which test was the most challenging?

(KH) Yes the format was basically you walk into the testing room do a weigh in and height. Then move onto the testing and all the events. I felt most strong in the bench press and pushups. The wind gate test was the hardest I thought.

3.     What were the team interview processes like?

(KH) When I signed in I was given an interview schedule with the time and what room number.

4.     What was it like to mingle with the other draft prospects?

(KH) It was cool my roommate was a great guy and just getting to talk with Guys from the OHL and QMJHL was pretty sweet.

5.     Being invited to such a high-profile event, did you feel expectations heading in? How did you deal with the pressure?

(KH) Basically just to test well in the fitness testing. I felt a little nervous but once I started everything I was fine.

6.     Was this your first time in Toronto? What were some of the highlights from your trip?

(KH) Yes it was. I got to go to a Blue Jays game and check out the Hockey Hall of Fame.

7.     Now that you have went through the Combine experience, what are your thoughts heading into the draft?

(KH) Just by Getting to talk with teams that are interested was pretty cool and made me feel more excited about possibly getting drafted this year.

8.     What does your off-season training regime look like?

(KH) At the moment it’s just cardio and weight training but in a few weeks I’m moving back to Calgary to train at NSD and skate there because there isn’t any ice in Fairview during the summer.

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