Community Restoration Program Voting



The voting has ended. Stay posted for full results.


Millarville Sports Association – Rink Refurbishment

The Millarville Sports Association (MSA) is seeking the grant to upgrade its current outdoor rink. During the hockey season, the rink is used by seven teams involved in the biggest Pond Hockey League in Alberta, as well as by the Millarville Community School for skating on a daily basis. The rink is also available for community/public use and Adult Shinny on select nights. The MSA is volunteer run and relies on its community members to maintain the rink. This grant is going to be used to make improvements to the facility that includes new boards, a new scoreboard and deck/viewing area. A cement foundation is being added to allow for a longer season with less water required to start/maintain the ice and year-round use for both the Millarville School Outdoor Program and the MSA.

Kenneth D. Taylor Playground

Kenneth D. Taylor School will be using the grant to help build a playground that is fully wheelchair accessible and will provide sensory equipment making play an option for children with autism. Located in the NW quadrant of the city, in the heart of Evanston, this playground will be available to the highly diversified communities in the NW. The ability to include all children in play provides growth opportunities for not only youth with disabilities, but for the entire community. The integration of play spaces can create a cultural shift that destroys discriminatory attitudes.  The benefit to the community of a space where all children can play has tremendous potential.

Children’s Village School Playground Project (Wood’s Homes)

The Children’s Village School is seeking funding for a playground upgrade including new accessible equipment and wood chips. Students use the playground for morning SPARK prior to school starting and throughout the day at recess, academic periods and after school. The playground provides a safe place for students to get physical exercise.  In addition, it allows time to rejuvenate a student’s mind, helps with self-regulation, and serves as an outdoor classroom and year-round meeting place for the community.  Our community of Renfrew is also home to a Boys and Girls Club that is two blocks from the school with access to the play space.

Please note edits to the official rules were made on Monday, April 17th after the Calgary Hitmen website was hacked by polling votes. As of 12:00pm on Monday, April 17th all communities were notified that the voting would restart on an adjusted and protected platform and the voting timeline has been changed to Monday, April 17th at 12:00pm MST to Monday, May 1st at 12:00pm MST.

Any tampering with the voting will result in disqualification of the contest.