Get To Know: Billal Noori

A lot of emotions run wild come Draft Day.

Excitement, relief and pride are just a few of those that go through a player when his name is called.

For Hitmen fourth-rounder Billal Noori, it’s exactly what he went through when he found out he was headed for the Stampede City.

“At first I was just speechless,” he said. “Soon after the excitement hit and I jumped up out of my chair and was so thrilled to be drafted to a great organization.

“It was an unbelievable day and I’m excited to see what the future holds for me. I watched the Hitmen growing up so it was my top choice of where I wanted to go.”

Learn more about the forward in a quick Q&A

Height: 5-foot-11

Weight: 170 lb.

Birthday: January 19, 2004

Hometown: Edmonton, AB

2018/19 Stats: 26 GP, 25 G, 24 A, 49 PTS

Question: Who Is Your Favourite NHL Team?

Noori: Edmonton Oilers.

Q: Who Is Your Favourite NHL Player?

Noori: Brad Marchand or Patrick Kane.

Q: Who Do You Model Your Game After?

Noori: Marchand. He can do everything for his team, can score big goals, set up the play with his great passing, get to the dirty areas and get back to help defensively.

Q: What Is Your Pre-Game Ritual?

Noori: It’s pretty simple; I head to the rink get into my dry land gear to have a quick warmup with the team. I’ll head to the dressing room, put my headphones in to listen to music while I am taping my sticks and drink a lot of water.

Q: What’s Your Favourite Hockey Memory?

Noori: It’s hard to pick just one. Winning two minor hockey tournaments is up there along with reaching the CSSHL Final this past season.

Q: What’s Your Favourite Movie?

Noori: Step-Brothers.

Q: What’s Your Favourite TV Show?

Noori: Big Brother.

Q: If You Could Have Dinner With Anyone In The World, Who Would It Be?

Noori: Will Ferrell. He’s hilarious and I think it would make for a fun night with lots of stories.

Q: What’s Your Favourite Food?

Noori: Pizza.

Q: What’s Your Pet Peeve?

Noori: When people chew with their mouth open or chew loud.

Q: How Would You Describe Your Play-Style?

Noori: A two-way power forward who does whatever it takes to help the team win. I have a good hard accurate shot and also like to set up teammates with my passing and get back to help defensively. I don’t focus on just one thing, I try to help in all areas of the game.

Q: How Was This Past Season For You And Your Team?

Noori: We had a slow start and couldn’t get any momentum on our side or get on a hot streak during the regular season. But once playoffs started we really came together as a group and as we got closer we played better. We made it all the way to the final but unfortunately we lost, but it was a lot fun and unforgettable. I didn’t have the start that I was hoping for but I was able to produce more offensively as the season went on and started to play a more well-rounded game like I wanted to.

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