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Eugene Coste School Playground Redevelopment

The redeveloped Eugene Coste School Playground will provide a more enriched and engaging recreational experience for the children and members of the Haysboro community. There is great demand for a larger play space as school enrollment is on the rise.  This redevelopment will also ensure accessibility for everyone to enjoy the playground.

Parkdale Community Outdoor Rink

The Parkdale Community Association (PCA) is focused on building a vibrant community.  The PCA is looking to enhance its Community Outdoor Rink with multi-use area improvements and the addition of a locker room and Zamboni.  These social space upgrades have the potential to be a game changer for the community by bringing people together, growing the volunteer base and making grassroots hockey a success for generations to come.

Indus School Accessible Playground

The proposed Indus School Accessible Playground will be an important part of children’s education, personal growth and development.  Higher needs students are drawn to the expertise and smaller class sizes at Indus School.  However, each year sees approximately 50 students experience limited playground access due to mobility, sensory or developmental delays. The goal is to build a play space that is fully accessible to the benefit of all.