TELUS Be Brave – Student Experiences

On Thursday Feb. 23 2022  the fifth annual TELUS BE BRAVE Game will not only welcome thousands of students, but also give them the opportunity to take part in some special experiences for the game! Click to sign up for a chance to be selected for one of four experiences available and scroll down to learn more about them!

Deadline for submissions is Monday, February 14 at 5:00 pm MST.  Winners will be contacted after the deadline and will receive 4 free tickets to the game.

Starting Line-Up Experience

Get to introduce the starting lineup with this unique experience! Before the puck drops, get to introduce the five players and starting goaltender to the crowd!

Junior Organist

Use those piano skills and showcase them for all in attendance where you will get to preform snippets of songs during stoppages of play!

Junior Joe

He gets the crowd pumped up and now you can join him! Become a Junior Joe and help the team get a boost of energy by getting every to make some noise!

Mini Farley The Fox

You’ve seen him foxing around and now you can join the furry fox! Become a Mini Farley as you will get to suit up in your very own Farley costume and tag along for the ride!